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Old door. New Door.

Well, as you know, we got robbed. Maybe we could have prevented it. But it happened. However, we are doing what we can to be better prepared next time. We got some good local guys to build and instal a strong, metal door.  Darrell, our faithful leader, has found motion detectors, small neon spotlights, & revolving red “police” lights. So, most of Jenny’s sense of security is returning. My sense of feeling I’m doing what I can to protect my family has improved. God is good. God is good.

Here are some “before and after” door pics:

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Changing the face of fitness…

Here are the facts. Jenny’s Jazzercise group has now overgrown the gym and we have to start another class (or two) for women’s group fitness. 30 women came at one time last week and it simply was too many. The guys fitness is another deal all together, but we are creatively looking to get more momentum behind the men’s group fitness classes. This last Saturday was momentum forward (check out the video for a peak).

We are really serious about trying to help change the face of fitness in this country. Full body fitness/at home fitness (i.e. Jazzercise, CrossFit and the likes) has improved both Jenny and my life for the good and we want to pass it forward. God is not just drawing customers, but also people interested in leading change. It’s fun. We are encouraged. We want help to grow forward. God is leading in the help, but we are always open to any help we can find!!

Our tag line for our gym is “Fit Bodies. Healthy Lives.” As we look to grow the fitness mentality in this country we believe that it can lead to people’s healthy bodies, minds, souls and spirits!!

Fit Bodies. Healthy Lives.
MaxFIT Bardo!

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Pee’d on by a monkey!

The title is 100% accurate, 0% misleading. Monkey pee, Monkey do!  And when Joey and I breached the zoo with our hot mammas and 4 kids, the first thing that happened was we angered the monkeys to the point they retaliated by peeing on us.  There is a video at the bottom with proof.

A trick I’ve been taught by a local buddy is if you feed the monkeys then have someone prohibit the feeding to proceed, the monkeys get mad at the stingy human. It makes for some good kicks and giggles. We just never expected to get pee’d on.  For sure Joey got monkey pee on his red vest, and for sure I got pee on my face, but the verdict is still out if any pee got in my mouth. Seriously, it was close, but we think the pee missed my mouth. Was it unexpected? YES! Was it funny? Oh YEAH! Would we do it all over again? In a stinking heartbeat!

Joey and Stevie getting peed on by a mad, mad monkey: (look closely at the bathroom region of the top monkey in the video)

With an adrenaline high off the monkeys, Joey decided to up the stakes. So he swam with the hippo, picked fleas off of monkeys, then he battled the goats.  We didn’t get videos of the bear wrestling and other man vs beast activities, just the goats.  But this video of the goats below will prove that all of what I just said is obviously for real.

Grabbing goat by the horns:

What does a man do after such an eventful day of taming wild beasts?  There’s only one thing you can do… hit the bathhouse.  Yup, Joey breached the wall of the Arab bathhouse, and you know what that means. He will never be the same again.  Two Turners down on the bathhouse, one Turner yet to go (we are looking at you Ryan!).

Joey does the bathhouse: (excuse the intense steam in the video, but evidently in the winter it’s impossible to get video footage without having to constantly wipe the steam off the lens… but stick with it, this video gives a good look at the greatest place on earth).

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Bowl of Harrigma: secret ingredients

HARRIGMA: Special ingredients= tender love, soggy bread, cow brain, cow leg, cow privates, tons of other spices and sauces, and then a little more tender love.

Harrigma is a meal that many of the local peeps themselves even have a hard time stomaching.  It’s hot, spicy, thick, and mixed with so much stuff (including cow brain and privates, for real) and ends up having a broad range of textures in each bite, that it simply isn’t easy to put down… especially if you are not built for the street life.  And you can imagine, legend has it that this bowl of magic helps male reproduction because of some of the ingredients… I heard it from many of the locals, so it must be true.

My brother, Nathan, ate an entire bowl when he was here. I have now acquired the taste and have had approximately 6 bowls. And Joey Turner  entered the Harrigma club just this morning (immediately following the hammem/bathhouse). Props to my partner Cheng and Micah for also having their first bowl since they have moved here. Well done everyone.

Here is a picture recipe album:

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Joey’s here. First stop? Barbor shop!!

From the mouth of Joey (Guest Blogger).

I have been here for approximately 24 hours and enjoyed every second! The day has been filled with lots of laughing children, screaming children, and my sister joyously saying at multiple moments throughout the day, “Joey, you’re in my house!” Already I have tasted the sweet air of the Mediterranean (depending on where you’re standing), tasted some of the local cuisine, and enjoyed an ice cream cone. IF you have ever experienced Arab hospitatlity THEN you know it is some of the best in the world, so good that it makes me think my mother-in-law is part Arab, well the Brown family completely lives up to the reputation. Not only have Jenny and Stevie housed my family and treated them as their own for the past two weeks, so much so that JoJo calls my sister “the other mommy”, but they have now welcomed me! Of course Stevie ‘treating you as his own’ can sometimes be considered a very scary reality, some may prefer that he treat you as a total stranger otherwise your life is in danger of experiencing more fun, life, and joy than a heart can handle, but not us, we say “bring it!” Here are a couple pics of the Turner boys adventure at the barber shop today! We will try to guest blog a few times while we are here to give you a ‘visiting’ perspective.

(You know Kais the barber by now. The other two in the group picture are Kais’s co-barbor Muhammed and Muhammad’s mom; she stays and helps sweep the hair off the floor every day)

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Time Alone.

Most people would probably suggest that unless Jenny has time to clear her mind and re-energize every so often, then our family would sink.  You would be 100% correct. However, unless this guy gets regular time alone to spend with the Father to listen and talk with Him, then Jenny has not just two crazy kids running around the house, but rather I make it three.  A couple weeks back the fam let me go spend some time alone with the Father and it was truly wonderful.  I only had a general idea of where I wanted to go, and ended up finding an amazing new place. I slept in the back of the car out in the middle of almost nowhere.  The scenery was out of this world. I found a gorgeous cafe which, since it was winter time, was completely empty and all to myself (except the few fisher men spread out catching the migrating fish coming through).  It even had this cool antique boat (pictured below).

It was wonderful to have this time alone with our Father. Of all the chaos this country has to offer, it is not difficult at all to find plenty of quite places that will take your breath away and bring you oh so close to the Creator God we serve!

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Stevie teaches Jazz? What??

I know, it’s hard to believe since I’m pretty much just chop liver. Buuuuuuuuut, every so often I can pull some extra weight and step in and run a Jazzercise session. That’s right, you read correctly, tonight I lead Jenny’s Jazzercise class.  It may not have been anywhere close to company policy, but it happened.  It ended up being Jazzercise: MaxFIT edition. Here’s how it went down. Jenny and Gigi got super sick late last night and have barely been able to get out of bed. That has left me and aunt Jenny to play zone defense against the 4 little squirts.  To be honest, barely nobody has survived today at all. Well, maybe just me since I’m a dude and am not cut out for full court press all day long against these little guys.  Max and JoJo make a made duo that’s hard to defend.

But Thursday’s are Jazzercise nights. What should we do? Cancel? I don’t think so. Jenny turned to me a couple hours before Jazz and said, “Hey babe, I don’t think I’m gonna cancel Jazzercise. I will just have you lead the class.”  After returning from a quick nerve run to the toilet, I said, “okie dokie; I’ll do it.”

It wasn’t easy. The ladies were not kind to me. I barely made it out alive. But I lived to blog about it!

Here’s the proof:

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Jenny’s birthday month.

When your birthday comes three weeks after Christmas, usually one of two things transpire. Either it nearly gets forgotten in the midst of all the other things to remember, or you end up celebrating the entire month of January.  Some years it has been the former. Not this year.  First, we celebrated with our Arabic class, then we celebrated just our fam at Fatburger, then we celebrated with Gigi and sister-in-law Jenny when they made a birthday breakfast, then we went out to eat again for on-the-day birthday dinner at Fatburger once again, but at least the last time CW (or teacher Cheryl) went with us; she and Jenny share the same birthday.  This is for sure the bday that is never ending, and Jenny would not want it any other way.

Birthday with our Arabic class:

Birthday with just the hubby and kids at Fatburger:

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Birthday breakfast with Gigi and Jenny:

Birthday dinner back at Fatburger:

Gigi, thank you so much for the birthday surprise. It was probably the most expensive gift Jenny has ever received on her bday, but at least with your gift “moth and rust cannot destroy and thieves cannot break in and steal.” Humdullah

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How do you usually feel?

Perhaps most of you know that I sold books door-to-door all through college. Maybe many of you don’t know I actually did it for 8 summers. I like to say that it took me 8 summers to learn what normal people would in 3. No matter what it clearly supports my families claim that I’m not normal. I will never deny that. But in all my summers selling we would always answer the phone with other book men on the line by saying, “happy, happy, happy.” Me and my lil sis (a book chick herself) still say this. Again, I know it’s not normal so you can stop thinking that thought to yourself.
All that to say, Duck Dynasty’s patriarch and I are evidently slightly linked. Perhaps just in our tendency to say “happy” in rows of three, but maybe in a couple other ways too. Just not the man beard, for sure. It takes me three years to have a five o’clock shadow.

Where was I. Oh yeah, so… A mom knows her son just about better than anyone. To prove my point she keeps sending me Duck Dynasty material and paraphernalia (Probably because the Robertsons remind her of the avid hunters her sons are (that’s not at all true). This last summer it was Season 1. Now she has sent me two more seasons, a Si t-shirt and Si mug, as well as Phil Robertson autobiography, Happy, Happy, Happy.
Just got done reading the book. I liked it. I plan on drinking out of Si’s cup tomorrow. And this summer I’m gonna veg once again on the dvd’s. Ahhhhhh, yeah!
Thanks mom. Keep it up Phil (just be careful how you say things… Oh shoot, now I’ve gone political)


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The pig post!

Having grown up in Spain, there are certain foods that became soul food to me and my family. Fuet, as it is called, is a processed pig sausage that is totally delicious and best served on a bocadillo (remember the double “ll” is a “y” sound).  So, the bocadillo de fuet was a total fam favorite.  But for real special occasions we would buy the expensive jamon serrano.  Jamon serrano is a cured pig leg that marinates for 6-9 months then is used as thin slices of meat to be used either on a bocadillo or an appetizer or if your really rich (which we have never been) you eat just eat a whole plate of the delicious meat.  To give you an example of the cost of jamon serrano, most airports in Spain provide packaged jamon serrano legs that you can buy and have shipped and I’ve seen them cost up to $600-800 for one leg (click HERE to get the wiki low down on this meat)

As some of you might remember we went to Malaga, Spain for some meetings.  As it turns out, Cheng, my business partner here and Family Place teammate had my name for Christmas (coincidentally I had his name as well) and would you know, he gave me a pig leg for Christmas that he had brought back in his luggage. This guy is nuts.  And I love him for it!  He said he found a good deal on the leg, but it still was too good to be true. We are supposed to have an approximate $15 limit for our gift exchange which I know he surpassed by a couple digits.  I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t.  But in good ol’ Stevie Paul fashion, I was able to once again chop up some meat (pig instead of venison this time)  and store away in the freezer.  What a gift.

Cheng, this post goes out to you my man. May we continue our long loving partnership for many years to come, and may the jamon serrano becomes an annual tradition :)!!

(btw, I bought Cheng a $2000 jedi cloak, so I feel we’re even)

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