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Best Christmas Gift

Last night we watched via Skype the last of the Christmas parties that we missed.

Most of our readers probably think that our dramatic flare as a family comes only from the famous Brown/ Barnett side but what you do not know is the hidden talent of the Taylor/Turner clan (me- Jenny’s family- representing in Beavercreek).

Watch for yourself.

PS. I make no apologies for the men in my family. I claim them and wish I could kiss each fuzzy beard you are about to see!

Love you so much! Thank you Mom, Dad, Joey, Jenny, JoJo, Maddie, Ryan, Alex, Cooper, Leah, Jason, Vincent, Baby, Ben, Sarah, Cole, Caden, Claire, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Gary, Uncle Bob, Aunt Marilyn, Trevor, Rob, Chesney, Grant, Mason, Ian, Katelyn, Steve, Kari, Taylor, Jack, Josie and Grandpa! Grandma would be so proud of our Christmas this year.

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What’s your favorite color, baby??


After last night’s big win, I got up with an extra skip in my step. And then it occurred to me Ella and I have never taught Max our favorite song in the world. Ella was pleasantly persistent with Max until he finally got the “Blue and White” down.
I’m a little confused on how to make sure Max grows up knowing he bleeds blue. It’s simply not easy with no live TV to play UK basketball on. For example, this morning when I was watching highlights, Max came up to me and asked, “Daddy, whacha doin’? Wachin’ a movie?” I said, “No Max, I’m watching basketball.” He said, “A basketball movie?” I said, “No, basketball highlights.” Then he finally understood, I think. It’s not gonna be easy raising this boy up in the way he should go, but as you can see, Ella is committed to help, so I’m not too worried!

Blue and White!!

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I needed that…

So, it’s 12:45am here. Jenny is shot from “holidays away from home.” Max is once again sick and not going to bed easily. We are still frazzled by our break in and robbery. We have no TV. Our iPad with Dish Anywhere (thanks to my dad) was also borrowed indefinitely from the same guys who took our TV without asking.  Our pet’s heads are pretty much falling off. And then I caught the tail end of UK’s game on game caste (the absolutely worst way to ever keep up with a rivalry game).  But, THEY WON, OUR CATS WON. THEY GOT THEIR FIRST BIG WIN OF THE SEASON AGAINST THE CARDS… THE GREATEST COLLEGE BASKETBALL RIVALRY IN THE COUNTY RIGHT NOW.  AND OUR CATS PULLED IT OFF! BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE.


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Thx Reiners

This was cool. Thx to the Reiners and all of you who have sent us cards, boxes, packages and messages letting us know you are thinking of us. It goes way further than you probably realize. Thx a ton to all!

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The Family Place Christmas Party

The Family Place Christmas Party

We had our second annual Family Place Christmas party on Monday. We sold some 50 tickets at 10dt a pop. It was a booming success. We had giveaways, amazing Christmas food/cookies/etc.  One of our teammates, Dan, played Christmas music all night and totally rocked the house.  Towards the end we did some Christmas BINGO… never a let down.  But probably the highlight of the event was the Christmas photo booth. Check out all the pics at the link above.  Maybe some of you will be here to celebrate x-mas with us next year?? 🙂

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Thebrownspot Christmas Giveaway!!

The long awaited drawing has finally been delivered along with all of Santa’s other lesser gifts this year 🙂  Just kidding. Your new iPhone18 is probably way cooler than some olive wood nicknack , but a free gift is still a sweet gift any day, right?

We have 10 winners. All from around the US and almost around the globe, except this year mainly within the US.  As was advertised we planned to release our annual family Christmas video, but we may or may not have been robbed this past weekend and had a ton of valuable things stolen along with our iPad that we use to film stuff with, so we are either going to delay the Christmas video and make it a new year video, or suspend the video all together. Sorry. We are still gaining our traction back after a pretty awful crazy weekend. Perhaps more on this later when the time is right.

So, without any further ado, here is the video of all the winners of the 2013 Brownspot Christmas Giveaway! Enjoy and congrats to the winners!

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Christmas Eve After Party!

So, after the candlelight action we went to our very close friends and neighbors, Mehdi and Sonia and their two girls Zoe and Ines.  Also with us was Christy and Rebecca, our two interns. They had a wood burning fireplace going. They had tons of Christmas decorations. They had an amazing dinner prepared. It was totally awesome.  They are perhaps our only local friends who celebrate Christmas similar to how we do.  Christmas traditions are almost non existent here, for real. Although year two in NAfrica during Christmas is way harder and much crappier being away from family, our friends here truly made it feel like Christmas as usual.

Friends, family, we miss you soooooooo stinking much. But we are hangin’ in there!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Christmas Eve (Ella in English, Jenny in Arabic)

There is a gathering of people here who are likeminded with the people who celebrate the true REASON FOR THE SEASON.  We all gathered tonight to share stories of that first Noel and we lit candles… basically we did the deed. Some call it a Christmas eve service.  Ella got a chance to read a Christmas poem in English. She is a super star reader at the age of 7 (in English). Jenny read the first half of the Luke 2 story in Arabic. She nearly has the whole story by heart in Arabic, but chose to just read it in front of the group. She is a super star reader at the age of 32 (in both English and Arabic).  Both my girls did amazing!!

Here is Ella’s poem:

Here is Jenny reading Luke 2 in Arabic:

Here is the candlelight action. You can’t tell but there were approximately 45 of us. It really felt like normal tonight.


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Merry Christmas!

We love you and miss you so very much!

Wish we could hug each one of you today!


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Christmas giveaway. Just two days away!!

Christmas giveaway. Just two days away!!

Here are some of our olive wood giveaway items. This year is gonna be different than last but epic non-the-less. Instead of the 12 days of Christmas, we are doing one video with all the winners at one time all on Christmas day! There is one mystery surprise that we will wait to expose on the live video. So, after all your family Christmas traditions, just remember, your family in NAfrica will have a gift waiting for you too (well, maybe you, as long as your name gets drawn… but remember, we take bribes).

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