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Thanksgiving faces. Priceless.

Memory lane. Dad laughing. Jack getting addicted to “What does the fox say.” Crackle Barrel stance. Group shot. Spending Thanksgiving in two continents at once.
“What are we thankful for,” you just asked. Easy. Family and FaceTime.







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Happy Turkey Day Friends & Family!!

Here is our best attempt to deliver a holiday gift to all our friends and family and special blog followers.
We made this video to help feature everyone at TFP in the craziest way possible. Pretty much none of it is true, so judge all you want ūüôā

We love you all dearly.
Happy Thanksgiving,

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MaxFIT shoulder exercise… da rope!!

We keep having fun. Keep working hard. Keep on keepin on! Here was tonight’s shoulder workout. Then we did a killer ab workout. And after a week in Spain and eating way too much food and drinking too much coffee, I nearly threw up.
Happy Turkey Day ‘Merca!

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Baby butt… face.

You guessed it. Nate and Co. (i.e. Nate and his little bro Stevie) went to Kais the barber for the featured presentation. ¬†It never fails to be an over promised and over delivered experience. Stealing a quote an old old family friend used to say, I can truly say that Kais always leaves your face feeling “as smooth as a baby’s butt.”

Here’s to Nathan getting his first “baby butt face.” ¬†That term really just came to me as I was writing, but you know what, I think it should stick. Yup. It’s gonna be official. ¬† I’m now declaring a cut and a shave from Kais as the “baby butt face” experience. ¬†I think it will even work as a verb. When you go to Kais you get “baby butt faced.” ¬†What about as an adjective? Kais is the “baby butt facer!” (I’m not sure that I know exactly what an adjective does in a sentence, so that may be wrong… but you get the point friends).

Before I digress and begin to regret what is being written I will post some pics and call it a night. ¬†Nate, I love getting “baby butt faced” next to you. (Just had to do it one more time).

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Nate and Kate + Us!

Well, my best brother in the world just got here with his¬†significant other¬†¬†¬†¬†lady friend¬† ¬† ¬†mt. kilimanjaro climbing pal¬†girlfriend and there ain’t no stoppin’ the fun we’re gonna have. After our Arabic classes on their first day here, the weather was perfect so we hit up some of the beautiful country. ¬†I am so happy to have my brother here. For those of you who have followed from the beginning you might remember he flew here with us on the same plane when we moved here and stayed for 10 days to help us move in. ¬†Now he is back for round two with beautiful Katy and the fun ain’t gonna end!!

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Soccer college buddy!!

I will start with this antidote. We were in Malaga, Spain all of last week and paid a little money for internet for the week… except the internet worked like¬†crap poopie doggie doodoo. We tried multiple times to upload pics and such and they just wouldn’t. So that is why everything is a week behind schedule ūüôā ¬†Ok, now back to our regular blogging.

For sure everyone knows that we live in a global community now. ¬†The world has always been “small,” but nowadays it is smaller than ever. ¬†Jenny and I had some meetings in Malaga, Spain for our business and I posted it to you all. Well, one of our readers and one of my best friends from my college soccer team, Andrew, contacted me to let me know they were going to be passing through Malaga the same weekend.

So… we met, me and my soccer college buddy, who lives in a totally different country, we were both in Malaga at the same random weekend and we met.

Where did we meet you might ask? We headed to the border. The only natural place to meet after living in NAfrica for a year.  Just take a peak at the pics below.  It was a common joint the two of us picked after many soccer games.

Andrew, love you bro. Can’t wait to the next random rendezvous.

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Oh, yeah, and our boys are both about the same age and so of course at their age they hit is off like they were best buds from college as well.  Good way to start off the week in Spain!!

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Max and Aimee at mini school!!

We call Max’s daycare “school” to his face so he feels as like he’s ballin in the same league as Ella. Hejer, who is Jenny’s new language helper, is also the daycare teacher (I mean Max’s school teacher). Here is Hejer working with Aimee and Max with some animals in Arabic before class time. She is extremely patient with these two critters.

Max has a little bit more difficulty staying focused. He gets that from his uncle Ryan.

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#1 vs #2… Definitely gonna stay up till 3:30am for that one!!

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I can’t believe the college bball season has finally started. Although I haven’t got all the tweaks worked out, I will definitely be watching UK play Michigan State tomorrow night, the #1 and #2 teams in the country. Dad, Nathan, anyone else??? Who is willing to either give me their ESPN 3 password or put your FaceTime in front of your flatscreen TV for me?
Don’t judge me for enjoying some of the perks of living over seas in 2013 (the future according to Marty McFly).

Oh, and by the way… someone gave me a word they heard from the Lord on Sunday night and it has rejuvenated me in a truly miraculous way. Boom goes the dynamite from Heaven ūüôā

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Smells from mom

Tonight I finally pulled down my sweaters. It has been so hot here lately but I think yesterday we finally entered fall. Thank goodness!
I don’t know why but this sweater smells like my mom.
I put it on tonight over my pajamas and just started sniffing away!
I know she was just here and I can call and facetime her whenever I want BUT…
I still miss you, mom.
So, here I am tonight…
Smelling my clothes and missing my mom.

Thanks to all our friends and family who have responded to the tired blog with encouraging words and prayers…even though you might not have even told us, we feel the support!!!!!
Love from Africa!!! Where its finally getting “cold”.


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We are tired.

No pix this time. Not a lot of words. Similar to Jenny’s last post, I wanted to shoot our peeps straight. ¬†Jenny and I have been tired. ¬†Me in particular. I am going a couple weeks now with not being able to feel rested. ¬†Jenny prayed for me this last week and I had two really good days, but I have a constant sense of tiredness on all levels… physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. ¬†We are not in a crisis moment whatsoever, but the fact is we are in a season of being really tired. ¬†Above many other things, for sure the enemy is somewhere behind the veil, even if just a little. ¬†Our blog has taken a hit. We are sorry about that, but we realize each of you not only understand but would hate for that to weigh on us… so it doesn’t, because our people are that good ūüôā

We will get back at things soon. ¬†A couple really exciting things are coming down the pipeline and it will be good to switch things up a little. ¬†We are headed to Malaga, Spain for some meetings. Then two days later my brother is coming for 5 days!!!¬†I’m gonna write that again. My brother is coming for 5 days during Thanksgiving!!¬†I cannot wait at all for that time. Many memories, many pics to come!

Please keep us in your thoughts. ¬†We assume this is only a season of tiredness for us, but the warfare will continue! ¬†Know we think of you all lots and we understand many of you probably have some tiredness in you as well. ¬†Let’s all continue to fight the good fight together. ¬†Our time on earth is short. ¬†Think how short our 80 some years on this earth will have felt like once we hit eternity? ¬†

Signing off for now!


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