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Thx Gigi and Papa for the Lucky Charms.

We love the Lucky Charms. Ella and I have a regular fight to the death each morning on who gets em.


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A day at the zoo in mid June.

My friend, Rhonda, took us on a fabulous zoo excursion with her brother and little cousin! It was all we had hoped for and more!

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Feeding bears at the zoo. No big deal!

If you remember correctly we posted pics of feeding the monkeys this fall. WELL…now that we are well-versed in the ways of the local folk we have upped our monkey feedings to…THE BEARS.
This video cuts off right before Ella upped feeding the bears to swimming with the bears. That’s a memory she won’t soon forget.

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We are working on a new promo vid for fitness.

Praise God our business is growing, but we for sure have a ways to go.
Here is a preview of a promo video we are working on. Still some editing left, but we thought our readers could give us some feedback.
Let us know your thoughts.
Mucho love!

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Jenny’s latest Jazzercise class video…

I don’t think you can say what Jenny does is work when everyone is having this much fun. Fake it till you make it I always say.
Our fitness center is continually growing and is up about 32% from last year this time. Jenny and all her ladies are most to thank for that 🙂

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Our newsletter is on the press…

Our quarterly newsletter is due to come out a week from today.  We think we have received everyone who wants to be on the list. But, if you have never received a newsletter from us and would like to, reply to this post with your name and address and we will add you.

We can’t thank you enough for the encouragement we receive from all of you who we hold so very close!

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Dead or alive: which cat is best?

I have heard it said before that the best kind of cat is a dead cat. Although I don’t agree, I think cat hatters are a funny breed.  We had a bunch of cats growing up and about 3 different litters with many kittens each, so I have always enjoyed cats, even though I am crazy allergic to them.  But the cats here don’t have the same appeal as I remember. There are not many stray dogs here, but the stray cats in this country give me an idea of what Moses’s plague of frogs must have been like.

As we walk along our neighborhood I like to take pics of the dead cats. Don’t know why. I guess I just feel we should not keep stuff like this to ourselves.

To some this blog might offend, but here is our attempt to appeal to our cat hatting readers out there.  If you are one of them, your welcome!

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Liz Brown, we are so proud of you!

Elizabeth, believe it or not, our friends actually live on this road.  We saw it for the first time this week and you can imagine how we immediately thought of you.  We are so stinking proud of your decision to sell books house to house for your third straight summer in a row.  We are so stinking proud of your decision to do it even after studying abroad all last semester. We are so stinking proud of you for the you you have already become (that is a tongue twister for sure).  We will think of you all summer and we are certain you will do great.  When you feel down this summer build a house on this street in your mind and retire here, it will certainly help!



Much love from thebrownspot4!

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Grape Vine Stage 3

Perhaps I’ve taken so long to get updated pics on the grape vine that I may have missed a few stages. For all the professional botanists out there, I’m sorry.

But here are a few updates.  The grapes are starting to come in. It is gonna be a ripe season!!

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Happy Father’s Day from NAfrica!

Joe “The Bossman”/”Pappa” Turner, Ron “Pappa Dock”/”Yayo” Brown, a special thanks to you both for being such amazing dad’s to these two impressionable young adults on the other side of the pond (then lake, then small puddle). Happy Father’s Day to you both.

But also, Happy Father’s Day to all our friends and family and readers who are also fathers.

I wonder if Jenny would get mad if I just said Happy Man Day to all the males out there above the age of 18.

Love all of you much.

Joe "The Bossman" Turner been rockin as a dad since '81, but been rockin as a Disney gangsta freak much longer than that!

Joe “The Bossman” Turner been rockin as a dad since ’81… but been rockin as a Disney gangsta freak much longer than that!

Ron "Pappa Dock" Brown been rockin as a dad since '76... but been rockin the fro&stash must longer than that!!

Ron “Pappa Dock” Brown been rockin as a dad since ’76… but been rockin the fro&stash must longer than that!!

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