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This is about to happen!!

This is about to happen!!

This picture already happened. What is it you ask? That is my big brother Nathan holding Barca tickets in front of Camp Nou (Barca stadium).
Tomorrow we are about to watch Barca’s last game of the season. That’s right, the Barca game is about to happen. More epic on the way!!

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Too much fun? What’s that mean?

I think we have accumulated over 1000 pictures between everyone’s cameras and smart phones. No body wants to have to look through that many pics. Here’s just a few.

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The cost of family!

Every family is a different level of dysfunctional.  Some are high levels, some are lower than high, but every family has to work through some level of disfunction.  A true secret of a close family is how do you learn to function well through whatever level of disfunction.  Some people know this way more than me, but the cost of a highly dysfunctional family is extremely expensive:  Lifelong pain, lifelong scars, counseling, medicine, addictions, generations of hurt or suffering.  The cost is high and can go on for a very long time (generations even).

However, the cost of staying close with your family is also high.  The time commitment is high, the emotional commitment is high, the sacrifices are high… a close family must be willing to pay a huge price.  Although the amount of money that needs to get spent to keep a family close varies, another cost of a close family is certainly monetary as well.  Some families value  nice cars, a nice house or trendy clothes… but we just can’t let these desires trump the cost of spending time together, praying together, eating together, wasting time together.

The older our family gets, the more spouses and grandkids that are added, and the added kilometers that begin to separate us, the harder it becomes to stay close. Even meeting for a reunion and our parents 40th anniversary becomes an expense that cannot be planned over night.  BUT… I am discovering more and more this week that of all the money we need to give away to a hurting world, the money worth keeping for ourselves to spend on our family to keep us close and somewhat functional is not just good, it is necessary.

One person who understands this more than perhaps anyone else I know is my brother Nathan. He has been spending money on his family to keep us close ever since he couldn’t afford a pair of Reebok pumps in the 80’s.  We would not be in Barcelona right now enjoying staying close if it weren’t for Nathan.  We have experienced our fair share of broken dreams, broken relationships, broken bodies, but one thing my brother and the rest of us won’t let destroy us easily is a broken family.

Thank you Nathan, thank you mom and dad, thank you Elizabeth, thank you Jon and SMa.

Doing our best to stay together in the midst of chaos!

Doing our best to stay together in the midst of chaos!

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Healing… it’s so like HIM!!!!

(From Noah’s mom)
Well, we are now at home. The last 24 hours, Noah had more ups than downs and his vitals remained stable, so they sent us home an hour ago. Noah is already bored, especially knowing his road to recovery will be LONG and stimulation-free. We are exhausted. I didn’t know how badly until my feet hit the threshold of our home. 
I am humbled and in awe. My God healed my son of two brain bleeds– which after reading up on internet, we were just 1 mm away from needing surgery for. The air pocket in his brain disappeared. His “crashes” in the hospital never became anything serious. I have been given the gift of my son back… a blessing I do not deserve and others do not always receive. I am humbled.
Thank you for your constant prayers… Now we enter a new phase– watching for any new symptoms that can crop up after trauma like this and keeping this little bundle of energy tied to his bed somehow. 🙂 
From Jenny and Stevie: thanks to all of you for helping carry this load!
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Update on Noah…

Message from his mom (she is a nurse) from two days ago:
Last night and this morning has been rough. Noah vomited twice last night and actually passed out in the bathroom this morning. I had to make it on my limited Arabic with a room full of nurses with no English. It took a full hour before Noah’s color returned. The doctor came in afterwards and Cheryl made him sit down and give us answers. The medical culture here is aggravating– many doctors in and out, contradicting each other and obviously not communicating with the nurses so they are not doing what the doctors want, even us having to intervene and tell them what to do. He is now to stay laying down for 6 days. He has brain swelling now that is new but expected, which explains these new symptoms. He will stay another day here in the hospital at least. He is still sleeping most of the time. We are weary but our team has been stellar, visiting, taking care of our kids, working our hours at the community center, just being near. It is beautiful. Thank you for all of your prayers and notes. They mean the world to us… God is near, He is sustaining us and we feel His hand over us….
Message from his mom last night….
Today was a good day… Noah was awake for most of it after sleeping for almost 38 hours… PTL! He was hungry, didn’t vomit or pass out. Micah (his 13 yr old brother) was by his bedside all afternoon. Doctors have been in,  but we can’t understand what they are saying so we have accepted the part of their assessment we CAN understand… normal and good. We are heading into night again and his demeanor has changed– tired, sad, stomachache, “I just don’t feel right.” We are trusting the Lord for “restoration”– the word I have been clinging to. Continue to pray please. We feel like we are riding a roller coaster… May God be our Rock.
From Stevie and Jenny:
Thank you to all our family, friends and readers for your support of our friends through prayer!!
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Our Barcelona Video Preview…

The full length music film is to be released later this summer, but check out the preview to this summer’s Brown Family Reunion in Barcelona!

(We are trying to control ourselves, but it just ain’t that easy)

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Our buddy Noah desperately needs your thoughts!!

My buddy Noah desperately needs your thoughts!!

One of the families who helps us run The Family Place has a young boy, Noah (age 9) who fell Wednesday night and hit his head hard and has two brain bleeds and an air pocket in his brain from a facial fracture. He is out of ICU now but is having quite a bit of focused pain in his head right now. They will re-CT scan his head at 4:00 this afternoon. Please please please pray with us for Noah… we are at peace but concerned about this new focused headache. Please please please join us in prayer for him and his family! Thanks!

Stevie, Jenny, Ella and Max are praying. Please join us!!

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Quick photo update of Barcelona!

We are having such a grand time that we have been forgetting to post pics. Here is a quick update…

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“Epic” would be among the handful of words nowadays that  gets overused. Most things that are labeled “epic” in todays exchanges of conversation wouldn’t barely make the list of things that my generation used to call “rad.”  However, there are still moments that happen in life which really can only be summarized as epic.

The entire Ron Brown family returning to Spain 20 years after having lived there can only be described as epic.  For example, this summer is Ron and Becky’s 40th & Stevie and Jenny’s 10th wedding anniversary.  EPIC! Barcelona was the place that I proposed to Jenny and asked her hand in marriage (she said yes).  EPIC! None of the grandkids have ever seen any of the schools, houses or places where Yayo and Yaya (Ron and Becky) took their kids (Nathan, Sarah-Marie, Stevie) in 1986 to live and experience.  The PSer, Elizabeth, has been living in Spain since January as an exchange student and now can speak Spanish better than most of us.  EPIC!  Sarah-Marie’s husband, Jon, has never yet even been to Spain… at least up until Monday. EPIC.

Griswold family move over. Here come’s the Brown summer vacation in Barcelona. EPIC!

A special thanks to our oldest sibling and the one most responsible in making sure this happens. Nathan, thank you in advance.

OK, got to go. Jenny is telling me to pack and we leave in 30 minutes 🙂

EPIC, here we come!


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This is hawawious!!

Jenny’s youngest brother, Joey, has a boy named JoJo who is a few months older than Max. We love this little guy. We just got a video sent of him and it is so good we had to post in on thebrownspot!

We miss you JoJo.

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