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Easter Day pics.

Things like this make life seem normal… but then again, what in the world is normal?

(btw, the easter basket video has been unlocked. sorry bout that)

IMG_1154 IMG_1155 IMG_1165 IMG_1167 IMG_1169 IMG_1178 IMG_1179 IMG_1183 IMG_1186 IMG_1187 IMG_1191 IMG_1197 IMG_1199 IMG_1206 IMG_1210 IMG_1214 IMG_1219

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Easter basket hunt 2013 (Ella and Max on the prowl)

We recognize Yaya and Gigi may be the only ones interested in this. But we got to get it to them somehow.

We miss all our friends and family this Easter.
He is risen!

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Watch our grape vine grow in real time.

We have a grape vine in our yard/garden. We had nothing to do with planting it, but we are glad to reap it’s benefits.

We thought it would be fun to document it’s growth from now until it grows all its delicious grapes… we don’t want to keep it all to ourselves 🙂

Just today we saw it sprout it’s first few leaves.  Grow, baby, grow!

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We don’t say “goodbyes”, we say “see you laters.”

We may have concluded that instead of ever saying goodbyes again we will just tell people see you later.  Goodbyes are lame. See you laters are much better.  We will probably all need therapy when we are much older (we actually probably need therapy right now too).

On Elizabeth’s last day we saved the most gorgeous scene for last. The first time we ever have gone to this cafe. Won’t be the last!

See you later lil sis. We love you so stinkin much. Remember our bet!!!!

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The week with Liz in pics!

It was spring break for us all. Everyone has been tired. With loved ones you don’t need to do anything to enjoy the time. Buuuuuut, might as well go a few places while we relax with the best 21 year old sister on this side of the Mississippi and Tigris River.

This week has been fun. Elizabeth, we love you. Please don’t leave!


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Touched by an Angel

Did anyone ever watch that show?

I know, I’m not as witty as my husband! But, I do try and sometimes I have him edit my posts to make me sound funnier. True story. So what…he is funny, I am pretty. We are a mad combo.


Here I sit, enjoying the finer things in life….
Late night view of the Med Sea out my hotel room window
Listening to my babies breath heavy as they lay fast asleep (while some poor woman down the hall has an arabic screaming match with her child)
and the reminiscent smells of our “ojja” dinner. (think sea food, spices, fake sausages and egg)
Could it get any better?!
Elizabeth has two more days with us and we are trying to cram in as much fun as we can!
Here are a few pics from today…like I said before she is like a visiting angel! We have been touched. By an angel. Or elizabeth. (kief kief)

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Oops, forgot to pay our internet bill ;)

So, another week, another lesson learned.  While Stevie was out paying our phone/internet bill and waiting in line for approximately 3 hours, the internet people decided we were late enough so they turned off our phone line and internet.  Since Monday morning we have been without internet and we are still figuring out how to get it back on even after having paid.  So many new things yet to learn… the adventures of life, baby, the adventures of living.

But we are at a place with internet tonight, so let the good times roll. “Bloggers gotta blog” as Elizabeth says.  Photo album coming real soon!!

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Welcome to N.Africa lil’ sis!!

Elizabeth arrived on time (two hours past Max’s bedtime) and the greeting was just as magical as we imagined. It was about a year ago when we said good bye to Elizabeth and she was only hoping to come visit if she got her Study-Abroad-In-Spain program approved. How weird it is to have this visit materialize. I love my lil sis so stinkin’ much, am so proud of her ever so many courageous life choices she has been making and can’t believe how much she is growing up. The question is… is she ready for this coming week?
– Bath time with Max
– Story time with Ella
– Dodging all the trash on the sidewalk
– Bedtime with Max
– Late night cafe with her brother
– Learning new recipes along with Jenny
– Bath and bedtime with Max again, and again and again
– (things yet to be seen)

Elizabeth, we are so happy you are here!!!!

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Loving our loves.

Today we welcome Elizabeth, Stevie’s sister, with open arms to come spend a week with us. We haven’t seen her since last May! A few short hours after she arrives our family back home will begin the memorial service for Brian. I woke up in tears. Not the first time in the past seven months. Pain and happiness all in one day. How can this be?
Today is a day that I must choose joy. I celebrate Brian. I celebrate from far away with all of the friends and family that will gather. I also grieve. I grieve a brother that I will never see again on this earth. I grieve for his mom and dad, for Matt and Christina, for my brothers, my parents.
And what a gift on this day to also be able to hold Elizabeth so tight. I might spoon her all night long…if I can get past Ella. Oh, this life.
This earth is not my home.
This earth is not my home.
This earth is not my home.

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Ella’s “To Do” List:

Ella has one of her best friends, Kylee, coming over for a sleepover tonight. So, just like her mom “the planner” she wrote down last night what she plans to do tonight. Not only is this list hilarious, but it’s also not bad for a Kindergartner to write all on her own.
(I’m pretty sure she gets her spelling skills from her dad)


1. Play with the toys
2. Color
3. Have diner in the dining room and do cartwheels
4. Do Miss Woodring’s things
5. Read Little House in the Big Woods and do devotions and say prayers!
6. What? Make a what? Oh, make a tent 🙂

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