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The frippin fripp!

No, I’m not trying to use nice cuss words. There is a place. A beautiful place. And it is called The Fripp. Some people say it smells like cat pee, some people say there is too much yelling and noise and people. I say, “bring on the DEALS!”
Imagine a very very large good will, but outside and under a tent or tarp. Imagine all of the clothes just dumped on top of tables. Imagine a man at each table yelling continuously how much his clothes are selling for…in Arabic, of course.
After my first fripp experience I think I had a headache for days, BUT yesterday I went with two friends who know how to “fripp”. (Note, fripp can be used as a verb or noun, I’m sure).
In a pile of smelly used clothes you just might find Gymboree pajamas for your son in perfect condition for 30 cents or a pair of heels that you can seriously rock for 1.50.
Yeah yeah you might have malls and target and old navy and all of those other lame places (sarcasm used to make myself feel better), BUT have you ever fripped???
I will be sure to post any exciting fripp deals over the next months as the winter clothes are put away and the summer clothing line is revealed.
PS…to Kari Skolik…I think your entire Eddie Bauer wardrobe was on those tables! I saw lots of Eddie Bauer 🙂

Sorry, this picture is not very good, but these are my friends digging for their treasure!

Rockin shoes

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Sheep Wars on the drive home… no big deal!

So Saturday the family was able to get away and spend time together at an amazing park we have come to love. More of those pics coming tomorrow.

But, on our way home Jenny spotted this scene and we had to pull off and get in on video. Big horn sheep fighting happens here like illegal cock fighting or dog fighting happens in places like Ohio in the US.

Go to this link to see the celebration chant:

Our new home never lacks in providing adventures!!

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First pets in NAfrica… fish!

Our good friend Mehdi made us a fish tank and bought us our first pets.

These days are getting long and tiring so our posts are taking a hit. But hope this video spices up your day 🙂

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A chicken mystery has been solved…

So, there was a mysterious gift given out this Christmas during our “White Elephant” gift exchange. Someone by the name of Brenda received a live chicken by a still unidentified person.

Well, after this chicken became a pet then a friend then a member of the Hoffman family, it flew the coup (literally… that’s not a figure of speech).

Then… the unexpected happened. A new chicken showed up. There were accusations made, speculations were rampant, but no one could really prove where the chicken came from… no “smoking gun.” Until now.

There is new evidence to support that Eliana Grace Brown is rightly charged with an unapproved chicken delivery to a private residence. In this video no faces can be distinguished, but there is one 6 year old female voice that has been identified as the person now being held in custody.

Mystery solved!

(A special thanks to the random person on the street who captured the video footage on a camera phone)

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My blue eyed babe

I sometimes wonder if I only have friends here because of my cute children. Specifically Max. I’m not trying to be proud, but simply stating the obvious. He is one of the FEW blond haired, blue eyed boys in this entire country. I’m so serious right now.
The poor child will wonder where all the love is when he returns stateside one day. But for now he enjoys random women, men and children kissing him on the cheeks, head, hands and mouth as we pass by.
Saturday night we went to the mall. We were looking at the fish tank and I turned around to see a GROUP of people starring at me, oh wait, they were starring at Max. And then a few of them came over to kiss him. After that I ordered some dinner at the very crowded food court. The lady behind the counter stopped her job reached over the counter and took Max back to show all her friends. I looked around thinking all of the people in line would be mad, but they seemed to enjoy the albino show. So, I took a quick picture to document!
Just wait until this child starts speaking their language! 🙂


Not the greatest picture, but this is Max taking a stroll down the street with our friend. You can kind of see how he sticks out just a little bit!

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My 1st UK game of the season…

Thank you to my parents for setting up the UK game via FaceTime. I recognize its a shame that I haven’t watched the Cats play until now, but people, it ain’t easy from over here…
No matter what, I’m still bleedn’ blue!





What’s your favorite color baby??

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Ella’s Arabic!

Here is a shot of Ella’s homework this weekend. She was suppose to write a sentence about her brother. She wrote in phonetics because she is still learning the Arabic letters! As soon as she has learned the alphabet I will post another homework shot and brag on my daughter who is learning quicker than I am.
Translation: “My brother drinks lots of milk and he had an ear infection.”


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We are safe, but your thoughts are welcome!!!

Some of you are up to date with the happenings here and some may be wondering about life on the ground. Please understand that we certainly feel safe and the neighborhood where we live is not dangerous or crazy.  However, unrest continues to grow and uncertainty is growing more than normal.  If you would like to find out more go to the website below and read and watch. Be reminded that the media never gives a complete picture of reality, but these articles can at least fill you in on some of the happenings.

The entire purpose of this post would be to increase your awareness… NOT AT ALL to increase your concern or worries.  The more we are aware, the more we know where to put our “thoughts…”  Those who read this blog are our closest friends and family, so for that reason we wanted to update you.  We appreciate your thoughts now and everyday 🙂

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“I’m so proud of you, Mom”

Yesterday was an adventure. Well, everyday is an adventure here, but yesterday was planned 🙂

I went with my friend and our language helper to the sooq, which is basically the greatest outdoor garage sale ever. Table after table of clothes piled high for sooo cheap! We had a fabulous time shopping and we tried new exotic foods for lunch.
One of the best parts of our day was that we practiced our Arabic almost the whole time. When I got home and told Ella about my day and the new foods I had tried (octopus) she told me she was so proud!
Doesn’t take much to impress her!

This is the street where we ate lunch.

My bowl of “hajja”. It was full of spicy sauce, sausages, octopus, and raw egg.

Three cheers for Girls Day Out!

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Kiddos are watchin’ Barney… you can judge me now.

I have always had a fundamental disapproval of Barney, his friends, any friend of his friends, anyone who wants to be his friend or anyone who wants to watch Barney and his friends be friends.  Basically, when I think of Barney it’s always been a huge thumbs down.  It probably has nothing to do with the fact that my little sister, who is 11 years younger than me, hit her Barney stage as I was going through High School and since I was never allowed to watch MTV I was stuck with having to agonize as she got to watch Barney… it has nothing to do with any of that.  I have successfully avoided Ella ever entering a Barney stage.  Deprivation I am completely proud of.

But then Max came along, we moved to NAfrica, we have a shortage of American cartoons on TV, the kids are not ready for MTV yet (I’m kidding), and when Jenny goes to Jazzercise I sometime have to maintain.  And tonight, after showing Max some highlights of soccer (which he always loves) he then started saying his mumbled version of Barney.  So tonight, maintenance  led me to be guilty of finding a Barney episode on the iPad and letting the kiddos indulge.  I am so ashamed of myself. You have every right to judge me.  I have betrayed my own fundamentals.  But the kids are happy.  So I will hold on to that for now 🙂


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