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Thank you Big Steve and Lex Fam…

Just thought it would be appropriate to send this pic as a symbol of how thankful we are and how fortunate we feel to have such great friends and family. Because of the great gift of our iPad we can keep in touch with our families and friends in ways we never would have imagined. Here is a screen shot of my dad and mom and little sister before Elizabeth went to study abroad in Spain. A huge thank you once again to Big Steve and our Lex Fam!!!!


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Where is everybody???

I had Jazzercise tonight at 7pm so by the time I got home it was after 8 and I was hoping to find the kids bathed and in bed 🙂 wishful thinking, you say? What I found was even better!
This is for real! They were all asleep like this!
May your rest tonight be as great as the rest these three are having!


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This guy gets his own post!

I promise you there are not creatures from other planets walking around here, but it sure looks like Star Wars IV has begun filming already...

I promise you there are not creatures from other planets walking around here, but it sure looks like Star Wars VII has begun filming already…

As some of you might not know, a handful of scenes from the original Star Wars was filmed in our country.  I speculate that George Lucas was inspired by the way the locals dress here and concluded some of his wardrobe choices after he got here and observed the people.  A few weeks back when the weather started to get cold we noticed more and more men dressing like the Tetatouine on Star Wars.  You might even recall Obi Wan Kenobi rolling like this as well as Luke Skywalker when he was in disguise.  You know my commitment to “Never Stop Noticing Funny,” and this is about as hilarious as life in a different country can get.  I love my new world… partially because of stuff like this!!

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Never Stop Noticing Funny!

Here we go again for our newest collage of “Never Stop Noticing Funny” pics.  Can life really be this fun/funny??!!

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Tonights Feature Presentation: THE BATHHOUSE

In case you want to watch the trailer again before you watch the feature presentation, here it is:


And now, for the much anticipated BATHHOUSE MOVIE. Your feature presentation:


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Gigi and Papa’s visit: the wrap up!

These past two weeks have been a wonderful collision of my two worlds.  There is the world I came from and the world I now live in.  Having my parents here has been a beautiful and interesting heterogeneous mixture of the two (I don’t know what heterogenous is… Stevie gave me that word believe it or not).  My dad unexpectedly went native and now feels more NAfrican than NAmerican.  Don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize who he is when he returns.  My mom has amazingly caught up on all the lost time with her grandkids and found a way to hug and kiss us enough to last a few months!

Here were some of our goals before they came:

Get Max to say Gigi and Papa- check and check

Get Max to finally walk everywhere- check

Get Papa to get his dead skin rubbed off on a marble slab by a strange man- big time check

Enjoy the Mediterranean view and eat some good Med foods- chizeck

Get Papa to drive like a local- Lets just say, at least he hit a side mirror and not a person. CHECK. I guess all of those video games with Ryan and Joey paid off.

Wear Stevie out by staying too long Enjoy time with me and their son-in-law- chimichimichizek

Lead a protest- postponed till fall

Slaughter a chicken- epic fail (according to Stevie)

Love on us- Most definitely a CHECK.

I love you, mom and dad and I will already start counting the days until your next visit. When will your next visit be, by the way? 🙂

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Dancin with Ishmael…

J.mel is Arabic for camel. But Gigi still thinks they are called Ismhaels.  So one last time before they leave tomorrow we got Gigi shakin her hips like they don’t lie, Papa raising the roof that caught on fire and Max caught up in the middle with the Ishmael in his hand. Move over Gangnum style, we got Ishmael camel style!!


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A new career?

Okay. All of you know how unpredictable my life is alongside my crazy improbable wonderful husband, right? 

Through some very strange circumstances and local connections AND because off the fact that we are some of the very few Americans still living in this country… you can be ready to watch him starring in not only his homemade videos, but also a little show put on by National Geographic called “Locked Up Abroad”. DON’T WORRY! He is not the one locked up.

He has spent the past two days ‘on set’. I’m so being serious right now. He signed a contract and is unable to talk to the media, but we are pretty sure that does not include our blog. If any of you watch this show you can be ready for the season somewhere between 8 & 10 and perhaps Episode 7ish (we must stay ambiguous because of his contract). Watch for the character: “Tom’s colleague”. I think they are currently on episode 6, so we might have to wait a while. If you wish for a signed copy of his script, please contact him through me. He is currently taking a break after his two very intensive days of filming.  The tiny little huge profit he made will be donated to those working towards world peace… that’s a literal promise.

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The Bathhouse Trailer

The Bathhouse movie: coming January 2013.

Watch the trailer here:

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Joe “The Bossman” Turner can check bathhouse off bucket list!

That’s right folks. You read it correctly. As of 8:15am MONT (middle of nowhere time) Bossman is no longer a bathhouse vir rookie. He is now a lieutenant of this otherworld. This is a world where seldom people go, fewer people survive, and even fewer people are able to return alive and continue to live a normal life afterwards. We assume no responsibility for long term stamina and superhuman capabilities.

Bilbao Baggins was able to live to upwards of 130+ years or something because of some magic jewelry… But don’t be surprised if The Bossman is still alive after fighting the next VII WW’s and witnesses when Pluto has not only become a planet again but becomes inhabited by the Kentucky bball team and Big Blue Nation fans after they have been asked to relocate because of winning 142 straight National Titles. The bath house is simply that magical. You have to experience it to believe it. If/when you come here, you will have a chance to be apart of BBN on Pluto in the far, far future too!! The Hammmem (bathhouse) has your name on it!!

Bathhouse video coming soon to the World Wide Web!!

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