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Max’s favorite youtube video…

So we have been away for a few days to get R&R with the TFP team: we prepared for the new year for our business and got other nourishment as well.

It might be a few more days till we get back to our regular blogging, but we thought during the lull we would give everyone a chance to check out Max’s #1 top favorite youtube video he loves to watch. He will come up to us while we are on the laptop and scream “balls.” Then his world is totally still while he watches this video. We believe every hit above 3 million are from Max.

It’s also a good picture of what abounding joy in our lives can look like!!

Happy New Year Eve Eve!

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thebrownspot Xmas music video… to all our loved ones!!

We cannot emphasis enough how much of our healthy transition to NAfrica is attributed to all the love, support and encouragement we have received from our family and friends.

We are constantly encouraged in a unique way by those who follow our blog and send us comments.

To all our friends, family and loved ones we send you a very Merry Christmas in the most ridiculous manner possible. This video is our best attempt to do whatever possible to wish you all a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas from thebrownspot4 (Stevie, Jenny, Ella and Max)!!

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Day 12… all good things must come to a close!

We have had barsha jaw (lot’s of fun) doing this 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.
Thank you to everyone who kept up with us through it all.
Congrats to all the winners.
We are always up for new ways to keep in touch and keep our lives connected, so let us know if you think of a good idea.

Merry Christmas everyone. It just turned Christmas day here. Ha ha, beatcha 🙂

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Day 11 giveaway (can you spot the UK fan in the vid?)

Oops, we forgot to post this last night. But, the fun will find us nonetheless. Congrats to our second to last winner.

And to remind you of the promise I am keeping I put on my UK gear to show you I still bleed blue 😉

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1st dirty santa gift this year… a live chicken!

There is not a lot that needs to be said regarding the wonder, awe and greatness of gag gifts.  One of my favorite parts of Christmas for the last decade has been all the white elephant/dirty santa games I have gotten to play with my family and friends.  I have given and received some pretty odd stuff through the years and have loved every minute of it.

So, when it comes to Christmas of 2012, let me just say that I’m still loving this game.  And to my very close buddy Brenda, I hope you enjoyed your gift!

Here is the video of me purchasing my dirty santa gift:

The video of me giving the gift to my dear friend Brenda did not want to upload, but use your imagination because it pretty much went just how I imagined!!

Next year I afraid we will have to go bigger and better 🙂

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Day 10 & and almost to the end :)

Congrats to the winner.
Ella wanted to showcase our three orange trees. We have already eaten almost all the oranges from this year. Maybe next year we will send some oranges as gifts!!

We love all of you very much. Enjoy your Sunday; take rest!!

PS- I may get a lot of slack from my lil sis and others since Ella pulled out her name and then we chose another one, but she is coming to visit us this coming semester, so we will be able to shower her with gifts then.  I’m just trying to cover my bases. Please, no one send hate mail!

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Preview of the last 3 gifts…

Okay, folks, the 12 days of Christmas giveaways is almost over. I know many of you will not know what to do with your time after this ;), but perhaps it will be good so you can get back to focusing on your friends/kids/spouses before Xmas and not waiting around your computer all day to see if your name is drawn (enfadlik/ I make joke).

Here is a preview… Keep your fingers crossed!


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Day 9 was really fine for someone out there!!

Congrats to the winners today.
Some will argue it is the best gift yet.
We will leave that up to all of you to decide.

Only 3 days left. Can the the gifts get any better? Is there any fun left to be had? Is anyone even still interested in the 12 days giveaway or have we ruined the season for you? Is anyone even still reading??

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Day 8… Could it be you this time??

Tonight’s prizes are a sweet refrigerator magnet and a ridiculously cool postcard picture. We know we are over the top with these gifts, but we love our readers.

We will get back to making video drawings tomorrow, but tonight we again went the picture route. Jenny is out late partying hard with some of her Jazzercise ladies and Max just started crying again. So… Without any further delay, the winner of Day 8 giveaway is………… ………… …………. (Those are suspenseful drumroll marks) ………… ……….. ( more of the same)………… …………… (Ok, little bit overkill), (Nicole and Joe Maher, is that you?)


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Day seven…..

It’s late. I’m tired. Lets just give out the prize and go to bed!

A fabulous pin of our country’s flag….goes to….
Drum roll…..
I’m guessing this is the Morningstar family from OHIO! Is that correct, guys?!
You’ve won!!!

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