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Jazzercise NAfrica… Jenny is killin it!!

So, while Max Fit is still trying to find its identity and discover what it wants to be known for, Jenny is growing a Jazzercise empire.
She has about 15 women that come every evening to her class. Its customary for the ladies to stay after and have a dance party while mocking their instructor as you can see in the video.
All I got to say is that after Max Fit everyone is too tired to have a dance party; but I’m not gonna say that out loud for anyone to hear.

Enjoy this video. We got more videos of the fitness in the pipeline.

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Max Fit is growing… trying to catch up to Jazzercise NAfrica

Update on the business front from over here in North Africa.  Right now Jenny and I are both doing what we can to keep our gym/fitness hopping.  Jenny does Jazzercise 4 times a week (Tuesdays and Thursday in the morning and evening). And I do Max Fit twice a week. We pretty much put that cross fit stuff the US is raving about to shame.

Then on Wednesday nights Jenny and I share the cafe duties which consists of making many types of sandwiches, smoothies, cookies and such; but mostly just serving tons of coffee.

Oh yeah, I teach an English class every Friday night to 10 students ranging from ages 9-15.    It’s what I must do to help our family make ends meet right now, but I love it so much I’m thinking of opening my own school. I’m probably gonna call it the “Drop-your-kids-off-with-that-weirdo-guy-from-the-US-and-hope-they-catch-a-little-English-slang School For The Gifted.”  I think the title sounds good but still thinking about adding some more descriptions in there.

Here is a pic of me and some of my Max Fit guys.

Max Fit- only for those committed to come once in a while! :)

Max Fit- only for those committed to come once in a while! 🙂

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We want to send YOU a Christmas gift. Okay, not all of you. BUT, whoever is signed up for our blog (meaning you get an email when we post something new) YOU will be in a drawing on Sunday for a Christmas gift!
We tried to think of something that you could use and is a little piece of our new country.
ONE of YOU lucky people will win an olive wood cutting board! Stay tuned on Sunday evening for the results!

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Stevie says I’m dreaming….

But really, it might be a nightmare???
Here’s a glimpse of my homework! You decide.


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Max’s reward= going to cafe with daddy and his buds!!

So, since Max has now taken a total of 2.5 steps in his entire 13.5 months of life daddy figured it was time to take him to the cafe to hang with the big boys.  In all actuality he goes with me quite often during the day right before nap time.  They absolutely love him there. Today it was hard for him to sit still at the cafe, though, because there were too many cats and young boys playing soccer outside for him to chill.  Oh, and by the way, he loves expresso coffee suds.  He’s already a local!!

As soon as I walk in the door he has a half dozen young men coming up to kiss him. Funniest thing ever.

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thebrownspot Featured Headline: Max takes his 1st steps!

Many of the greatest athletes of all time took more than 13 months to take their first steps.

Some that come to mind are:
Joe Montana- 13 mo, 16 days
Michael Jordan- 14 mo, 2 days
Carl Lewis- 13 mo, 27 days
John Wall- 17 mo, 24 days
Jon Welch- 13 mo, 1 day
Kim Kardashian- 14 mo, 8 days
Steve Elliott- 18 mo, 6 days
Jack Skolik- 13 mo, 2 days

…so Max is right on schedule.
We are so proud of you son!!


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Turkey Day in NAfrica? Is it possible??

We might be an ocean away from Plymouth Rock, but you cannot stop this gang from celebrating Thanksgiving. There were mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce, pie’s, and so much more.
The look on Jenny’s face made me feel as if all is right in our world. When mommy is happy with Thanksgiving, er’body is happy!!

Happy Turkey Day friends 🙂

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November Photobucket

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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BooHoo Baby

Have you ever read that book? Its a good one. Ella loved it when she was little. “What should we do with the BooHoo baby?”  Unfortunately, the book sits in a box in my in-laws basement. (Sorry, Cheryl. I guess I should have returned it to you) Anyways, my point is…I feel like I could say this a lot lately. I knew it would be hard to be away for Thanksgiving, but I forgot to view it through Ella’s eyes. Aw, geesh. Grab your kleenex box. She just realized last week that she will not be at Uncle Paul’s Crooked Creek for Thanksgiving. She was more than disappointed. We had a little talk about the upcoming holidays and our new house and our new friends and then it was like a switch turned and she was totally FINE. 

Wait a minute! We are suppose to wallow in our misery, being away from our family for the first time in my entire life. But, somehow I was the BooHoo baby and Ella was “the grown up”. (She does refer to herself as one from time to time now that she is six years old) Lesson learned. Yes, thanksgiving is in a few days. Yes, all our families will be together and celebrating WITHOUT us. BUT. Yes, our families are all healthy AND together. We have had heartache and illness and even death in the past three months, but we have so much to celebrate together.

SO…I have a word for my family and friends at home celebrating… without me…..

Have your BooHoo and then be a grown up and get on with your day. If Ella can do it then the rest of us should be able to, right? 

I plan to let my feelings flow this week. Sorry, Stevie! I plan to be sad and miss my mom. I also plan to love on my children and be thankful for my fabulous friends here. I plan to Skype my family and be thankful that I can “be” with them and see their faces and love them from far away. I plan to find myself stuck in two worlds, but I plan to make the most of it.

What are your two worlds? Make the best of your situation this Thanksgiving.



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Jenny is already dreaming in Arabic… not fair

They say that once you start dreaming in a different language then you pretty much have entered the beginning stages of fluency (or something like that).  I think it usually takes most people 2-3 to 20 years to start dreaming in a different language.  Well, evidently Jenny is not most people.  

So last night I went to bed pretty darn late because I was studying Arabic (I often study late because I need all the help I can get).  So as I got into bed after I had listened to way too many recorded vocab words Jenny rolls over in her sleep and says “nheb.” “Nheb” means “I want, I like, or I love.”  

I can only hope that that she was dreaming of “wanting” her husband and not mac n’ cheese or shopping or more dessert or some new boots or… well, you get the point.  It begs me to ask though, how come she gets to already dream in Arabic while I am having to work so hard?  In all seriousness she is picking up the language in ways that I didn’t expect.  She has become a translator for me.  I am so proud of how she is learning, but I still feel like this whole dreaming in Arabic deal is all happening too fast and is totally not fair.  Lord, can I dream in Arabic before the next 20 years, please!!!! 

Ahlem Seaida everyone (sweet dreams).


PS- I haven’t even gotten a chance to tell Jenny about last night and since she never remembers her dreams I may not say a thing.  This can be a little blog secret between all of us, okay?


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