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One more announcement from Max…

Our little man said he wanted to add one thing.  Max is asking for people to give him feedback on what sleeping method is their favorite.  He will use the survey feedback as data in his future book series.

And one more thing, he is also taking requests on any different methods his readers want him to try out.  He is hoping all this feedback will help him sell tons of copies in order to purchase more pacifiers for himself.


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Max’s sleeping methods photo gallery:

Monster Max told us he thinks now is a good time for him to display his Top 10 sleeping methods to the world.  His decision came after carefully considering all those who were extremely disgusted from the previous videos and pics.

He hopes that the pics below will help soothe your emotions as well and pose as a precursor to a future top selling “how to” book of his.

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Skinning of the halloosh (sheep)

This is a milder video of the not so simple job of skinning a sheep. Don’t get mad at me for posting these videos. I’m just living life and trying to do my best to document it 🙂

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Raw video of the gutting of the halloosh.

Listen folks, too many people in this world eat meat without any clue of what the process of getting them that meat looks like. Too few kids have skinned and gutted an animal. This video is not just to show you what we encountered on our amazing Eid adventure, but to also help educate all the young people out there who are being held back by societies edited version of real life 🙂

I’m mostly kidding. But seriously, don’t watch this video if you get freaked out by blood and guts. I did “0” editing. I’m posted the footage exactly how we saw it!!

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This post is for all the lovers of culture out there…

I’m not going to apologize for any of the pictures that I post here because not only did Jenny warn you ahead of time, but I figure since it’s all apart of our new cultural norm then it must be appropriate (and kids of all ages witness it here).

Let me set up the story just a tad.  I think it will add some appreciation.  So… since the Eid this last weekend is such a huge ordeal we closed The Family Place (TFP) Thursday through Sunday.  It gave our family a chance to get away from the long days we had been putting in working and language learning and relax at the beach.  The hotels here are crazy cheap right now since it is off season, so we couldn’t resist.  However, I was disappointed that we would miss all the celebrations in our neighborhood (I’m a total sucker for the cultural experiences).

So Friday is the day of the sacrificing of the sheep and we have heard that it’s nuts.  Thousands of sheep are killed within the same few hours and the streets mark the blood and hides of all the sacrifices.  But we were going to be out of town and miss the whole thing… OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!!

Friday, while the families and children were chillin by the pool, me and my teammate Jimmy jumped in the car and starting driving down an old empty road.  We were hoping to stumble onto a willing family to let us stop and watch.   We spotted a small crowd of men down a 100 meter driveway that looked like they were doin the deal.  So Jimmy and I looked at each other and decided to go for it.

The events that took place next were something off of a documentary.  Events this perfect don’t usually happen in real life.

Not only was the family fine with us watching, they immediately brought out chairs for us, they brought us juice to drink, they started up a small grill and threw on some of the precious meat, then they gave us a tour of the entire happenings of the day.  It was a dream come true.  The footage is totally raw, but it’s the next best thing to being right there.  I hope you enjoy!!

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Eidek mabrouk.

I’m probably not even spelling that right, but I’m learning!
So, as you know from my wonderful husbands’ previous posts, this weekend was a celebration called Eid Lekhbeer “The Big Eid (celebration)”. I thought before he got on here and posted pictures of the slaughtering that he witnessed I would fore warn our blogging audience! And I am pleased to tell you that neither I nor our children witnessed this event. Although, we did partake in the eating of the sheep just today actually!
We were so blessed to get away for a few days and spend time together as a family and also with our team. Here are a few pictures of our rejuvenating time at the beach only one hour from our house. But remember…the next blog post the pictures will not be so lovely. Consider yourselves warned!
Eidek Mabrouk to all of our new Muslim friends!







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Our New Norm

Here are a few pictures of everyday life….

I (Jenny) help teach preschool on Monday and Wednesdays. Ella likes to come help “teach” too!


On Sunday mornings we serve an All American breakfast! Only place in town where you can find that! Watch out Bob Evans!



Above is Stevie taking a “raha” from his Arabic studies! Something we do everyday…learn a new language!

I bet your wal-mart doesn’t have a cool tank and army men out front?!


I’m learning a few cooking tips too!

I think we are doing pretty good in this new stage of life!






the Browns

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One boys pet is another boys toy is another mans sacrifice.

So here’s the deal with these pics.  Within the two short blocks between our home and The Family Place we encountered these boys horsing around with this sheep all day (I don’t know if there’s a pun in there, but perhaps).  It was so funny to see.  They were walking them around, often times smacking them a little, laughing, joking, and I think doing a version of pin the tail on the sheep.  The point of why this is a little funny is because in 5 days these boys will be eating this same sheep.

One of my local buddies just told me this last week that he is scarred for life because the little sheep that he was able to have as a pet for several years eventually became the sacrifice once the sheep was big enough.  He has never emotionally settled eating his pet as a kid.   No matter which way you slice it (now there’s a clear pun) it is sad for any boy to have to eat his pet or toy, but it is quite entertaining for me to watch it all unfold.

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Ella and her classmates perform to Shakira!!

Jenny helped choreograph a performance for Ella and her classmates at Bardo Academy. It was a gym class project. We don’t think agents will be calling any of us parents to sign any contracts for our kids, but you never know!

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Eid al-Adha (Feast of Sacrifice) coming soon…

A week from tomorrow the entire world of Islam will be celebrating one of the biggest festivals in the religion, Eid al-Adha.  This festival honors the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God, before God replaced the son with a sheep.  The festival goes from October 26th-28th.  Evidently everyone goes to their homes of origin to spend the weekend with their entire extended family.  Depending on the wealth and size of the family they will sacrifice one or many sheep.

For the last couple weeks sheep vendors have been popping up everywhere to sell them to families.  The price per sheep goes anywhere from $300-$700.  We’ve been able to take a few pictures of a handful of the sheep shoppes that we have come across.   We’ll certainly keep you updated on this festival!!


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