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Family Night Gone Wild

Tonight was Family Night! Usually for family nights we make a special treat and watch a movie together (If you know my daughter you know her favorite thing to do is watch movies). So, Stevie and I were quite surprised when Ella wanted to practice her arabic instead of watch a movie.
We made popcorn…without the microwave…and started practicing some of our vocab together.
Here is a little clip! Enjoy and practice with ‘binti’ (my daughter).
She’s getting pretty good and will quickly pass us up, I’m sure.

Tomorrow, Omee, (thats me- ‘mom’) will take a taxi ride solo. Stay tuned for that post! Hopefully the driver will hear, “Please take me to Carrefour” and not “Please take me to care for you”. Never a dull moment. Hugs and Kisses to everyone back home.

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I just had to post this before bed!!

Before I left I made a commitment to all my BBN (Big Blue Nation) friends that even though I was moving far away I would absolutely not lose my fanaticism for UK basketball.
Well, I have kept that promise and I intend to keep it to the end. So, a little secret of mine is that I still frequent just to keep up with BBN. And today, they posted this video and it not only reminded me of my commitment, but it also got me so fired up for college basketball that I had to share the video with all my closest followers.

More good news for BBN… when I watched the video, Max was sitting next to me and he loved it too. I’m passing it on to the next generation. BBN, you would be proud!!

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Monster Max, keepin me laughin…

So it was just me and Monster Max tonight. Mom and Ella were doing their Jazzercise thing, and to be honest MM was crabby and tired and making me upset. So, trying anything to make him happy I stuck a yogurt in his mouth and when he got to the bottom this is what happened:

How can he make me so mad, then make me so happy? Maybe he gets that from his mom?? ๐Ÿ™‚

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Never Stop Noticing Funny!!

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Don’t do drugs; get addicted to salsa!

Nuff said!!

(thank you Kerry Dorrell for the delivery. That was a fast turnaround)

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“Spot It”…Great for learning language!

To all our “Spot It” fans out there… Would you have ever guessed how perfect the game would be for teaching/learning English ( or I guess any language).
Last night I brought the game for the English class I teach (9 kids) and they absolutely loved it. On top of the enjoyment factor they learned a massive amount of vocabulary in a very short time.
Thank you to Jenny and Joey for introducing us to this game ๐Ÿ˜‰


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Moosh mooshkala.

What a lovely morning.
Ella at school, Stevie off studying, Max taking a nap….so I decided to take a nice long shower. When exiting my shower I grabbed my towel, but as I brought it to my face a very large and very ugly cockroach flew out of the same towel. Yes, the roaches here fly. I’m sure you can imagine the hilarious and disgusting scene unfold. My normal instinct would be to scream and my knight in shining armor would come kill it for me. But NO. Because the Knight is away and the baby is asleep. I quietly killed the roach myself!
I must say I feel like I have accomplished enough today. But I can’t quite seem to settle down and relax. Where is the next one hiding?
I will go buy more roach killing spray tomorrow. Max might grow a third eyeball, but moosh mooshkala ( not a problem).

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Our first packages from the States…

It works!! Packages sent from US actually arrive in Bardo, our neighborhood PO? Jenny and I were beyond stocked. Thx Gigi and Papa.

Evidently packages take about 3 weeks. Maybe keep that in mind for next August 15th (somebody’s birthday :))


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Monster Max loves his breakfast!!

Max wanted us to report that he ate his entire breakfast again today. What he didn’t know is that I snuck in one bite of eggs and two quick scoops of yogurt for myself.

BTW two weeks ago Ella said to Jenny, “Mom, I think Max is half boy half monster.” We couldn’t disagree with her, so the nickname has stuck. Monster Max it is!!

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All is well!

Thanks everybody for being so concerned for us. We are just fine in our peaceful little suburb! Although we stayed close to home on Friday, today has been a normal day. Our friends took us to see beautiful Arabian horses and it was fabulous. I’m so thankful for the little reminders of my old Kentucky home!
Maybe we will attend North Africa’s Keeneland this year!






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