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Futbol, the language of the world!

If futbol is the language of the world, then my local dialect is FC Barcelona. Barca lost to rival Madrid tonight 2-1, but the night was a total win for this guy; especially since almost everyone here are also Barca fans. I got to watch the game with some of my new closest friends, sip on expresso coffee, and yell in Spanish as if people could understand me. Life is good. Visca Barca!!



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First X-FIT, N.Africa version

Humble beginnings… Jenny and I both had our first fitness classes yesterday. We had the same amount of people show up for ladies and dudes. But… It wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor (movie quote fyi) and it’s not over for us. We will keep you updated on how our portion of the business grows. For now, check out the furious four!!!!


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Who’s toy mower??

Since my yard is about the size of a large plasma TV I figured I would just buy a weed eater and mow the whole thing with that. It took over 2 weeks to find a weed wacker, but when I did I bought that sucker and was ready to hack some N African grass. Silly me to think that inside that devil would be a whole supply of string. Nope, instead, unbeknownst to the buyer until ready for use, the only string supplied was the tiny sample piece sticking out (a simple solution IF extra string were available on the aisle). So, with only a 4 square inch of grassed area weed wacked away, I was left with no choice but to buy the only mower available for sale… The Indy 1000, as it is called.

Max thought it was his toy when it was all put together. Move over Max, daddy’s gotta get down to biznas with his Indy 1000!!


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Easy, breezy, beautiful Sunday!

Because a picture is worth a thousand words, here are a few shots around the house today….

My gardener came…oh wait, that’s my husband! Sporting his European swimwear.

Max has crawled around, put things in his mouth, called out his sisters name “Ella”, pointed at everything and everyone and enjoys sticking out his tongue!

Ella loves the pool! She will finally swim under water without holding her nose!

And me…can you guess what I’m doing?





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Never stop noticing funny…

My brother told me to never stop noticing funny no matter how long we are here.  All of us see every day things that are hilarious and pass them by without appreciating their humor because they become normal.  I committed to Nathan that this would not happen.  Here is “everyday funny” #1… but so many more to follow 😉

“No matter where you go…”


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Happy Birthday, Stevie Brown!

Today is my hubby’s 32nd birthday! And it has been a day to remember that is for sure!!! We left early this morning with our friend and he took us to a beach about an hour from our house. We dined on milkshakes and chocolate crepes when we arrived for breakfast and then walked along the docks. Stevie and our friend were dreaming and planning for their scuba shop one day!
Then we took a dip in the Med Sea….Which was gorgeous.
To top the adventure off Uncle Nathan took Max and Ella on a camel ride by the water!

After we got back home the kids and Stevie and Nathan got in our pool while I did more unpacking and attempted to make a birthday cake and homemade icing. So far so good.

Tonight we join our friends for a Korean meal prepared by Anna!

We celebrate all of this while waiting to hear the phone ring late tonight or tomorrow because my sister in law will be delivering their first baby. Who knows, with the time change, maybe they will share a birthday after all. We cannot wait to meet this little man one day.

Happy birthday to the love of my life. Things just keep getting more and more exciting with you, babe!


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The Family Place…our home away from home…away from home

Today we were able to go and see the place we will be spending most of our time. Ella will attend school in this building, I will teach Jazzercise, we will eat a few meals, Stevie will help with fitness and other classes, and Max will attend the daycare and meet his first few girlfriends. One of the best parts is we are only 2 blocks from the center and it took us about 3 minutes to walk there.

I’m sure we will have countless funny stories to tell that take place within these two blocks. Max and Ella continue to enjoy our pool, I’ve only found one roach in the sink and our air conditioners work perfectly! Overall day 2 has been a total success.
Here are a few pics from the center. The first is taken from the rooftop and the other is of the entrance.



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all in a days work


I’m not really sure what day it is or what time it is, but nonetheless we have gotten so much accomplished since arriving here!

The flights were fabulous! We slept, we ate, we watched movies and then slept some more.

The kids have been great, although adjusting to the time change and all of their new surroundings, but loving the pool in our yard! Yes, we have a pool! Ella and Max took a swim with Uncle Nathan this evening and after hearing the laughter Stevie and I decided to join them.

So, in the past few days we have said some hard goodbyes, moved our lives to Africa, received all 15 of our bags at baggage claim (yes, they were ALL there waiting on us. Whew!), started unpacking, been to the store twice for small furniture items and groceries, the kids had a swimming party with our friends, and tonight we had our first meal in our own house.

The city is beautiful and we are excited to explore more when we get settled. I promise to post more pictures soon, but for now it’s off to bed!
Hugs to all.
Thank you for your warm thoughts. We can feel them from here because it’s soooo hot!

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