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Eat it up!

The suitcases we have been collecting are empty and piled in the guest room. The “things” we are taking are somewhat piled beside the suitcases and in other places throughout the house still being used. I’m wondering which day I should actually start putting the things into the suitcases?

We depart August 7th…so…..
I might wait just a few more days!

In the mean time I have been paying careful attention to my taste buds. Poor little guys will be going through transition soon! Food is a very important thing to me! Many of you know that I really do not like to miss a meal. Stevie on the other hand can sit down for dinner and say, ” I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten all day!” Who does that? Not me! Anyways, if you see me with a bag of M&M’s at 8am, give me some grace!

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Quality goodbyes? Can those two words really be paired together? It sounds like a great idea and I understand the importance of a “quality goodbye”. But to be honest I really don’t want to face this part of our adventure. It doesn’t sound adventurous or exciting to be telling everyone you know and love goodbye.

Stevie and I have been traveling a lot with the kids to try and make some great memories before we move. Last weekend we were with his side of the family celebrating in Covington. We rode crazy rides that made me cry at Kings Island, yes, I cried….but not as hard as Sarah-Marie, the men almost shot their heads off with fireworks, and we ate . A lot.

This weekend we have been with my family having a staycation in Dayton, Ohio. What is there to do in Dayton, you might ask? When you are with the Turner men and women anything turns into a party! Thanks to mom’s ultimate planning skills we have had a luau, watched movies, won gift cards, gone puttputting, gone swimming, fed goats, and eaten a lot of Ice cream. And tomorrow we go to the zoo!

So, I guess you could say we are starting to live out our quality goodbye times. There are still many hugs to give, tears to cry, and final goodbyes to be made. My stomach seems to be in a constant knot and there is a lump in my throat that just won’t go away. My soul was made for eternity, not for having to say goodbyes!


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