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The Countdown

My mind is whirling as April rolls in.  April? Really? How can this be?  

A lot has been going on in our lives, but not a lot of what “should” be going on. Why is it that I make a plan only to be reminded that I am not truly in charge? Boo. 

We were able to install hardwood floors in the kitchen, living room and down the hall. The wood is old antique pine- 100 plus yrs old! Sounds impressive, huh?  What looked to be a 4 day project quickly turned into almost two weeks! Thankfully we only had to enjoy life on the patio for a couple days when dear Uncle Nathan invited us to stay at their house.  So, we packed up and moved to the big city of Lexington! We had quite the adventure and got a taste for living in the city! All in all it was a very nice vacation. 

Now we are back in our home with our new floors and the house is almost clean.  It was helpful to look at our life through Ella’s eyes the past several days. She is sooo her father! While I was grumbling at everything going wrong, she was excited to be having an adventure. She regularly reminds me, “Relax, mom.” 

So, April will hold packing, sorting and boxing things up. We will travel a lot in May and June and then look forward to leaving in August. Whew! AND, I will try to “relax” through it all!


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