Welcome friends and family!

We want to welcome all of you to our new blog. This will be the best spot for news and updates regarding our family!

It is exciting to realize we are to this point in our journey!  We know where we are being led to go, when we will be leaving and what we will be doing.

Destination: North Africa

Departure: First of August

Purpose: We will be working at a newly formed community center called The Family Place

Description of The Family Place: A family-friendly organization that emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and encourages families to spend time together. The facilities are smoke-free, inside and out because we care about the health of our families. Whether lounging in the café or exercising in the Fitness Center, we want to ensure comfortable surroundings and a place where families can come and relax. The children’s center on the second floor will also offer a place for young family members to receive an English preschool education. Adult English classes will also be available.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome friends and family!

  1. Ron and Becky Brown

    Excited and want to visit you on site !
    This will obviously be the spot to check out the Brown4!!
    Dad and Mom

  2. Patti & Joe Turner

    Funny how the first visitors to this blog are the parents! So thankful you have provided this for us to share with friends who will support you guys. Keep the pics of the beautiful grandkids coming!!
    Love the other mom and dad!

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